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Steel Products

Flat Sheet Products/Specifications

Abbeysteel shapes Abbeysteel pallets made in house Abbeysteel cut square blanks

Due to our unique way of sourcing we obtain material in various sizes and specifications that are known to us as shapes. These shapes are a combination of door, bonnet and sunroof cut-outs. These are perfect to cut blanks and strips from and can be utilised in a variety of applications.

Because of this we receive varying grades of material therefore the below list does not highlight the full extent of what we may have to offer. So please give us a call.


Stock Gauges Form
Cold Rolled  (CR1, CR4) 0.5mm to 6.0mm Blank, Sheet and Strip form
Galvanised (DX51 to DX54)

Wide and slit coils -  Various specifications available - give us a call