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Local MP presents green award at Stevenage steel firm

Local MP presents green award at Stevenage steel firm

Local MP presents green award at Abbey Steel

Managing Director Phil Cooper invited local MP Stephen McPartland to visit Abbeysteel's processing facilities in Pin Green and to present an award to one of their customers, Silverline, for passing 10,000 tonnes of CO2 savings in the last two years.


Stephen said, "I am delighted to present this award, and proud of the innovation shown by this local firm in taking what others see as waste material and turning it into a component for products such as metal filing cabinets."

Stevenage firm Abbeysteel produces the world’s first green brand of sustainably sourced steel by reusing prime grade steel that is a waste by-product of other processes, for instance in the automotive industry. Chairman of Silverline, Stanley Ensinger, received the award.

The processing carried out in Stevenage is tailored to the needs of customers so that the mild steel sheets are in a size and shape suitable to use as components for a range of products.  Examples include light and electrical fittings, flooring products, shelving and racking, white goods, as well as storage units such as those made by Silverline.  Every tonne of Abbeysteel™ reused saves 7.5 tonnes of CO2 that is produced with every tonne of conventional sheet steel.

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