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Brand Your Products with Abbeysteel™
The Abbeysteel™ Co-Branding Partner Program Summary


Contains Sustainably Sourced Abbeysteel

Abbeysteel™ is available via a co-branding scheme which provides partners with the opportunity to combine Abbeysteel™, with their own branded products and use it as a platform to showcase their environmental benefits.

The Program consists of a co-branding partner manual which provides in-depth guidance broken down into 5 stages that has been summarised below.


01    Co-Branding Options

There are a number of methods for how Abbeysteel™ can be co-branded with you product offering(s) to suit the way that you do business. These methods can be considered as the stages to full-co-branding as your company integrates its products with the Abbeysteel™ proposition.

Full Co-Branding;

Full Abbeysteel™ Co-Branding means coupling your existing branding scheme as a joint logo with Abbeysteel™ where your logo retains prominent position but the Abbeysteel™ also features along side to represent the new unified co-brand on specific products.

Partial Co-Branding through;

Full co-branding may not be an option for your business therefore Abbeysteel™ has been designed to work on different levels to feature solely on your product labelling, packaging and promotional material or any other media that you use to communicate your companies offerings.

Alternative Options

Abbeysteel™ has been design to be flexible and work in many different applications therefore their may be another way that  you feel maybe the best way forward for your company and Abbeysteel.


02    The Co-Branding Strategy

The Co-branding strategy to successfully launch the brand has been designed into two parts and consists of 10 stages to highlight a generic overview of the development stages in the partnership based upon the previously discussed co-branding methods; full or partial as each partner will require a uniquely tailored strategy for integrating the brand within your company and successfully launching it based upon their respective industry.


03    Partnership Support & Collaboration

Company collaboration and support is a major part of the co-branding strategy and is key in the success or failure of the co-branding effort. Information and advice is offered on every aspect of the brand so that all goals and expectations can be achieved. Support is offered in the following areas;

  • Marketing & Branding,

  • Support Material,

  • Technical Advice and

  • Training


04    Partnership Co-Branding Agreements

The rights, restrictions and obligations of a co-branding strategy are implemented through a co-branding agreement that is binding on both parties. A co-branding agreement contains many important provisions and must be carefully drafted to protect the parties, as well as clearly provide the parameters of the relationship. The Co-branding agreement covers the following provisions;

  • Marketing & Branding Agreements

  • Trademark Licensing

  • Term and Termination

  • Confidentiality and

  • Purchase and Supply Agreement



If you are interested in finding out what Abbeysteel™ can do for your business please contact us on - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss your requirements.