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About Abbeysteel™


About Abbeysteel™

Abbeysteel™ is the world’s first green brand of sustainably sourced steel that has been created to showcase a prime steel by-product that is sourced from a range of UK multi-industry applications. Abbeysteel™ combines the uniqueness of a trademarked raw material and that of a sustainable material resource for businesses that would like to show a reduced impact on the environment by reusing materials.


Abbeysteel™ Explained

Abbeysteel™ has been created through the identification of a waste stream in the UK manufacturing sector that is produced by some of the UK’s larger industries. These industries consume large quantities of steel within their operations and they produce ‘waste’ material that is a pure by-product of their processes.

This material is surplus to requirements as they cannot utilise it in any of their own applications and it would be destined for re-smelting and forming into new steel. But instead Abbey Steel reclaim this prime grade steel, process it and put it back into the supply chain. The steel we typically receive is mild sheet steel in the form of cut-outs and of-cuts in various specifications.


Abbey Steel has branded this material as Abbeysteel™ Sustainably Sourced Steel - a unique raw material that has had its lifecycle extended, through reworking it into a diverse range of UK manufacturing industries.


Abbeysteel reused material

How is Abbeysteel™ an environmentally friendly material - Reused No Recycled

Steel is a unique material as it has properties that allow it to be continuously recycled and then reused many times over. The process of recycling steel requires that it is collected and smelted down back into a viscous state through the production process of the electric arc furnace and then reformed into its retrospective steel product (mainly structural and other heavy gauge steel products). The concept that Abbeysteel™ embodies is that of material reuse which in the context of steel/metal means that it has been collected, transported and reprocessed (shearing to a specific size) into a new format so that it can be reused therefore bypassing the recycling process.

Reusing steel material is effectively better for the environment than recycling as the only energy used is the transportation and reprocessing as it produces significantly less CO² than recycling steel as this produces on average 2.3 tonnes of CO² per tonne. However this is not to say that steel recycling isn’t good for the environment it still has massive CO² savings over manufacturing virgin steel.


What can Abbeysteel™ do for your business?

Abbeysteel™ is available as a material to business for manufacturing and the benefits on offer can vary accordingly based upon the type of business that uses it.

For Manufacturers;

  • As a certified green brand Abbeysteel™ can augment product lines by adding green credentials that can be used in sales and marketing communications.
  • As a result of adding green credentials Abbeysteel™ can create a level of differentiation from competitor’s products which could lead to a competitive advantage.
  • Abbeysteel™ will enable you to become a market leader to use a new innovative material or purchase a new product.
  • Creating an environmental edge will rejuvenate your products and allow them to compete with similar green products or to be something completely new to market.
  • Abbeysteel™ can assist businesses in meeting CO² targets and green commitments.
  • Abbeysteel™ will show you are doing whatever you can to green your operations.
  • All products that contain Abbeysteel™ will be fully carbon foot-printed with exact calculations for their CO² savings including any additional transportation if required. We will also provide you with a total figure for the amount of Abbeysteel™ used on a quarterly basis.
  • Abbeysteel™ can also help in adherence to government and other EU legislation.


Benefits to Consumers

Selling Abbeysteel™ in both B2B and B2C can benefit its end users in a number of ways;

In a B2B context;

  • Abbeysteel™ will show your customers and shareholders your commitment as an environmentally responsible business and support your claims of a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Abbeysteel gives real consumer choice in purchasing a green brand that has significant CO² savings.
  • Build awareness of green issues and push others to consider their purchasing behaviour.

In a B2C context;

  • Give customers that feel good factor that is gained when purchasing a green/environmentally conscious product and give them that feeling that they have done something good.
  • Meet personal commitments to become greener and reduce your carbon footprint.


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