Abbeysteel video

A short film by Resource Efficiency East about Abbeysteel Shearing Co Ltd. Click image to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How will you maintain supply?

Most of the steel that we buy comes to us under contract and these contracts tend to run for extended periods. We know when model changes are going to occur so if you have regular production parts we can anticipate any shortfall. In any event we will guarantee supply for three months of regular parts.


2. How do you know the grade of the material?

We have very close relationships with all our suppliers. We get drawings of donor parts that show the grades. Often we have tried to rework this material back into car production so we have to know the exact grade of material.


3. You claim 7.5t of CO2 for each tonne recycled, how is this calculated?

Please see Carbon Footprinting section.


4. Is Abbey Steel cheaper than virgin steel?

Simply answered; Yes