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A short film by Resource Efficiency East about Abbeysteel Shearing Co Ltd. Click image to watch.

About Abbeysteel & Shearing Co Ltd

Abbey Steel and Shearing Co Ltd

Established almost 30 years ago, based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire Abbey Steel & Shearing Company Ltd supplies manufacturers throughout the UK with a resource for all their steel; sheet, blanks, shapes, strip and coil requirements, together with a comprehensive processing service so that all material is precision sheared to required specifications.

We operate the largest shearing bay in the South East of England with logistical arrangements ready to transport customer’s orders all over the UK.

AS has a supply operation unlike any other steel stockholder. Our steel is sourced from an extensive range of suppliers in the automotive and steel industries and through working together we have established reuse operations to collect steel that is surplus to their requirements.

Abbeysteel - Small Business Awards Winner
The steel that we obtain is a pure by product from these industries and is supplied direct to AS. This steel would be destined for reprocessing as it has no further application in their operations, but we collect it and convert it for usage in other applications. This enables AS to supply manufacturers with a sustainable source of steel. At present we supply a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial sectors.

We are accredited in BSI standard, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.